Poisson Distribution Formula | Definition

Poisson Distribution Definition:

The Poisson distribution is used when n is greater then p and the independent variable occur over a period of time.  The Poison distribution was first used in Agriculture.

The Poisson distribution these requirements

  • Every Event is Independent
  • Must be random
  • Random Variables happen over an interval
    Example: time, area, distance, volume, etc…
  • Uniformed Distribution over the interval

Poisson Distribution Formula:

Poisson Distribution formula is P(x) = \frac{\mu^x*e^{-\mu}}{x!}\\where x=0,1,2,3....

Poison Distribution Notation is mu=mean=xn and standard deviation = sqrt of mu for the formula.

Lean how to do a Poisson Distribution on your calculator at Poisson Distribution TI-84 | TI-83 Example.

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