Binomial Distribution Formula

The binomial probabiliy distribution formula is: $latex P(x) = frac{n!}{(n-x)!x!}*p^x*q^{n-x}$  for x = 0, 1, 2, 3, ..., n

The notation for the binomial distribution formula are as followed:
n=number of trials
x- number of success that happen during n trails
p = Probability of success  [Note: If given the q then (p = 1-q)]
q = Probability of failure  [Note: If given q then (q=1-p)]
! = Factorial
binomial distribution mean = n*p
The binomial distribution standard deviation is calculated by square root of (n*p*q)
The variance of a binomial distribution can be calculated by n*p*q

Before using this formula always verify that it meets the requirements necessary for a binomial probability distribution.  Remember that the ! symbol represents a factorial.

Learn how to solve a Binomial Distribution TI-84 | TI-83 by following the guide but make sure it meets the necessary requirements which can be found using the Binomial Probability Distribution Definition.

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