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Tistats.com will be recieving major updates to our existing tutorial/example section.  The TI-84 and TI-83 calculators currently have two operating systems that require different steps to complete statistics problems.  Usually tistats.com like to add new content, but we are going to go through all our current TI-84 and TI-83 calculator examples and make sure that we cover both the new and old calculator methods when applicable.  The new OS is much more intuitive, and I feel that everyone should make sure they have the new OS when purchasing their TI-84 for the spring semester.

At Tistats.com, we know how important it is to learn Statistics.  That is why we are doing our best to help you learn the TI 83, TI 84 (regular, plus, silver, and more) and the TI 89 Titanium calculators.  These calculators are allowed in the majority of Statistics and Calculus courses.  We want you to gain a statistical advantage by utilizing your TI-84 and TI-83 calculator to the fullest.

While our primary objective is to teach students how to use their calculator(s) to solve problems, we will provide the necessary formulas and definitions for quick references.

As requested, we have optimized the site to include social media and reworked the latex imagery for print-ability.

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  1. OMG. I saw this on your facebook! How’d you know I was going to take business stats next semester joe. ;-) I’m totally bookmarking this, and I’ll share it as soon as you get a video up. Tell me, are you going to do your radio talk show impretionation for the videos?

  2. ^^ <3

    You should totally do your announcing voice, I love that voice. I figured since both of you shared this, I'd check it out. Nice site Joe.

  3. Joe Stats says:

    Thanks guys. I will be doing my first video this weekend. I will try to do the announcer voice. Still doing that while doing the tutorial as well might be a bit much. We will see.

  4. Great job

  5. The redesign is almost complete! :-) Expect to go Tutorial happy soon. :-P

  6. I found you guys on google today. This helped me understand the descriptive statistics and what the output of my TI84 was. I was wondering if you will be doing proportions soon, as we just started the topic in class today.

    • Hey Sam, I was actually planning on doing basic probability this week, but I can start working on that the following week.

  7. Joe is a super-brain! Mr. Business. We will be reading about him in Fortune magazine.

  8. You are brilliant! I would probably be failing my online Stats class if I did not find this website. The online class lacks a lot of walkthroughs for the calculators and you have helped me tremendously. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

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